Gentoo Configuration Guide: systemd

As of now, the Gentoo Handbook, which is the official Gentoo installation guide, mainly focuses on steps to install a system based on OpenRC instead of syste...

Perform Manual dnf history undo

My choices of GNU/Linux distributions are Fedora for desktop computers and CentOS for servers. Both of them feature DNF - Red Hat’s package manager front-en...

Install Raspberry Pi’s vcgencmd on Fedora


This post is a continuation of my previous one about setting up a cluster of Raspberry Pis running Fedora. After I got the cluster to compute something, @Col...

Set Up Fedora on a Raspberry Pi Cluster

First and foremost, I would like to thank @ColsonXu for giving me this opportunity to play with some Raspberry Pis. He had got a few Raspberry Pi 4’s and bu...

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My Gentoo Hands-on Experience


It has been six weeks since I published the last post on this site. Myriad new topics and ideas to write about have accumulated in my drafts for new articl...

Restarting This Personal Site

I have been planning to repurpose my personal website on GitHub Pages as a blog for jotting down how I play around with different technologies. When I try so...

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GSoC 2021

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Use grep as a Substitute for cat

I came across a fascinating and educative article, Unix Recovery Legend, when someone posted a link to it on Reddit. The article presents a story of the writ...

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