Closing Words

Updated: 2 minutes to read

Thanks for reading through this collection, and I hope its contents can help you set up a basic multilingual Jekyll site that is ready for contents and extensions. This collection is long to read; if you find it verbose, please forgive my limited English skills and accept my apology. It is also long to write, as I spent about a week doing experiments, writing instructions, and gathering samples and screenshots.

This collection was originally planned as a single post. When the “Localize Site Title” section was finished, I realized that the post would be too long to read and immediately started breaking the post into smaller pages that would form a collection. To make navigation between the sections easier, I created a layout file the would add links before and after each section’s contents – sharing old experience sometimes can also motivate researches on new improvements.

Most of the things in this collection were based on my own experience in setting up this personal site, which might provide only limited information that is not helpful in resolving your issues. However, there are plenty of resources about Jekyll on the Internet, written by other people, for alternative purposes, or presented in different forms. Should you want to learn more about Jekyll, below is a list of resources I would recommend: