Configure Miscellaneous System Components

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Update /etc/fstab

For both a new Gentoo installation and encryption of an existing installation, the /etc/fstab file needs to be checked and updated as needed.

This is apparently required for a new installation because the default /etc/fstab in stage3 is just a template. But for an existing installation, because the file system has been recreated on the LUKS partition, its partition identifiers – including but are not limited to its UUID – are changed, so an update to /etc/fstab is needed too. Even if the block device name is used in /etc/fstab to identify the partition, the block device for the file system is also changed after LUKS configuration from /dev/sda2 to /dev/mapper/gentoo for example, so an update is still necessary.

When updating the content of /etc/fstab, please make sure that the new partition identifier (i.e. the first field in a line) is for the file system on the LUKS partition rather than the LUKS partition itself. The LUKS partition is just like an encrypted container for other partitions; it cannot be mounted directly. Instead, the file system on the LUKS partition ultimately stores the system files.

Identify the File System by UUID

The file system’s UUID can be retrieved using the blkid command, with the LUKS partition’s mapping device node under /dev/mapper as the argument:

# blkid /dev/mapper/gentoo
/dev/mapper/gentoo: UUID="f50a9ad7-a0fc-4e77-9d34-5b98823958ab" BLOCK_SIZE="4096" TYPE="ext4"

In this example, the UUID is f50a9ad7-a0fc-4e77-9d34-5b98823958ab.

- UUID=5b91813d-554e-47af-b803-6799c94f8ee5     /           ext4    noatime     0 1
+ UUID=f50a9ad7-a0fc-4e77-9d34-5b98823958ab     /           ext4    noatime     0 1

Identify the File System by Block Device

The new block device identifier for the file system on the LUKS partition is determined by the name specified in /etc/crypttab. If the name is gentoo, then the new block device for the file system is /dev/mapper/gentoo.

- /dev/sda2             /           ext4    noatime     0 1
+ /dev/mapper/gentoo    /           ext4    noatime     0 1

New Installation Only: Configure System and Install Tools

If a new Gentoo installation is being performed, then please follow the instructions in the following Handbook chapters:

  1. Configuring the system

    Note: The Filesystem information section can be skipped because it is for filling in /etc/fstab, which should have been already done through the above instructions.

  2. Installing system tools