GTA Online Guides


GTA Online is an online multiplayer game in the famous Grand Theft Auto series made by Rockstar Games. Released in 2013 and constantly getting updates, GTA Online has been attracting more and more players with its unique game modes and multiplayer experience.

Unlike other single player GTA titles such as GTA V, each of which mainly focuses on a story line consisting of many missions, most game contents and activities in GTA Online are centered around the in-game money, officially referred to as GTA$.

Since GTA Online’s release, Rockstar has made dozens of content updates for it. Now, there is a great diversity of activities you can do in the game, either alone or with friends and strangers, and a wide array of businesses in which you obtain, manufacture, and sell different kinds of products. All of those things allow you to earn GTA$, which can be spent on cars, planes, houses, etc.

However, some activities and businesses are more rewarding than others. Often, you will not be told what things will pay you more and what do not by the information the game will give you. In addition, not all purchasable items in the game are worth the money you will pay for it. In real life, you usually have the opportunity to return something you don’t like for a refund; in GTA Online’s universe, all in-game purchases are final, so when you regret, it’s already too late.

It is important to know what the easiest and fastest ways to earn GTA$ are and what purchases give you the most utility with the least cost, so you can efficiently build a successful GTA Online career. As an experienced player who has played GTA Online for 1980 hours, reached Rank 285 with one character and 190 with another, and earned GTA$285M as of March 25, 2021, my job is to give you my suggestions in this collection on what to do, in what steps should you do them, and what not to do in order to get better progress in less time.

Work in Progress

A lot of articles have been planned for this collection, and completing all of them takes very long time, so I have decided to publish this collection in several batches. Check back later to see if new articles have been published!

You might find that some hyperlinks in those published articles are leading you to a “404 Not Found” page. These are links to planned but unpublished articles, and I intentionally left them there because I don’t want to forget a link should be added to those places. If there is any inconvenience to you, please accept my apology.