Tips for Properties

Updated: 2 minutes to read

In the upcoming set of articles, I would point out some common mistakes, misconceptions, and things that most new players are not aware of regarding properties.

  • Is it Wednesday? If so, don’t buy anything at its full price, and don’t sell from your business at regular prices. Should there be a discounted vehicle or property that is in your wishlist, buy it now. If there is a bonus for an activity, complete it immediately.

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  • Got enough money for a business property? Be ready to pay more than what you see, or your new business might not generate profit at all.

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  • Once you own some properties, you need to pay property utility charges and wages for the staff every in-game day (48 real-life minutes). The more properties you own, the more expensive they are. Fortunately, there are methods to avoid those charges.

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  • Want to hide weapons you never need with one of the gun lockers in the game? Some of them work, while others do not. Make sure you only buy the working ones.

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  • Can’t resist the lure of Security upgrade for your businesses because they are being robbed by NPCs? The upgrade will not eliminate those robberies completely and can even bring unexpected side effects. Instead, you should use alternative methods that do not require any purchase to avoid those events.

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  • A final reminder: for most types of property, don’t buy the property located near Paleto Bay or Paleto Forest.

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