Apartment Locations

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GTA Online offers 17 high-end Apartment locations and 35 different high-end Apartments. 7 locations are Apartment buildings, each of which offers multiple suites available for purchase, and 10 locations are Stilt Apartments, which are standalone houses. The most popular choice among players is the Apartment buildings because they are cheaper and located in more accessible places in the city, and the bulk of this article will talk about them. Stilt Apartments will be discussed collectively because they share a lot of similarities.

Each Apartment location has its pros and cons, and there is not an Apartment that is good at every aspect in my opinion. When choosing an Apartment, it is wise to think about what you want first and then select the one that meets most of your requirements and causes the least trade-offs. Because different people have different preferences, I will not give explicit recommendation on which Apartment you should buy, but rather show you the information about each location and let you make your own judgement based on it.

Luckily though, unlike other business properties in GTA Online, you can own 8 Apartments rather than just one, so if you do need more than one Apartment due to your diverse demands, then just go for it. However, at the beginning of your GTA Online career in which you don’t have a lot of money, you might not be able to afford multiple Apartments. In this case, look for the Apartment that satisfy your immediate and most important requirements.

Importance of Apartment Location in Heists

All original Heist Missions will begin from the Apartment where you start it. The Missions do not vary according to the Apartment’s location: no matter where you start a Heist Mission, it will always ask you to go to the same place and complete the same set of objectives (unless an objective is to deliver something back to your home).

Starting a Heist from the Apartment closest to the place you need to visit for the Mission can increase the speed of completing it. Your teammates will thank you for starting it from a good location that decreases the distance of driving. In addition, to earn additional money bonus from the Elite Challenge in Heist Finales, you usually have to start the Finale from a particular Apartment location to complete it within the time requirement.

Apartment Buildings

3 Alta St

  • Price: $217,000 to $223,000

3 Alta St on Dynasty 8


  • Cheap
  • Strategic location for losing the Cops
  • Fine for Heists

With the price of $217,000, the apartment 10 of 3 Alta St is the second cheapest high-end Apartment in GTA Online. It is an OK Apartment, despite the fact that there are some other better ones in the same price range.

The unique thing about this building is that the LST Metro tunnel entrance is just across the street from it. The tunnel is a great place for losing the Cops even if you have 5-star Wanted Level. However, new GTA Online players might not know exactly where it is due to their unfamiliarity with the map. If you have an Apartment at 3 Alta St, you will be able to find the tunnel entrance easily with the help of your Apartment’s location on the map.

In addition, 3 Alta St is also a fine location for Heists. Located in Downtown Los Santos, it has road connections to different parts of the city. It is also the required location for Elite Challenge of The Fleeca Job.

3 Alta St and the tunnel entrance 3 Alta St on the map
  1. 3 Alta St
  2. The LST Metro tunnel entrance

If you are being pursued by the Cops, you can easily find the tunnel entrance from your Apartment’s icon on the map, hence get rid of your Wanted Level quickly and easily.

4 Integrity Way

  • Price: $235,000 to $476,000

4 Integrity Way on Dynasty\n8


  • Close to important freeways
  • Near Arcadius Business Center Office
  • Fine for Heists

4 Integrity Way is only two blocks away from 3 Alta St. It does not have as many road connections as 3 Alta St, but it is the only building that is close to two important freeways, so you can use the freeways to quickly travel to remote parts of the map, like Chumash and Grand Senora Desert.

What’s more, the Arcadius Business Center is just across the street, so if you own the Office in that building, you can quickly visit it from your home.

Because of easy access to freeways and highways to Blaine County, Apartments at this location are also optimal for Heists that require you to go to rural areas, including The Prison Break and Series A Funding.

4 Integrity Way and vicinity
  1. 4 Integrity Way
  2. Arcadius Business Center
  3. Route to Rockford Hills
  4. Route to Del Perro, Chumash, Fort Zancudo and Paleto Bay via Del Perro Freeway westbound, and Mirror Park, La Mesa and Cypress Flats via Del Perro Freeway eastbound
  5. Route to Grand Senora Desert, Sandy Shores and Grapeseed via Los Santos Freeway
  • Arcadius Business Center is just across the street.

  • An entrance to the Los Santos Freeway is only one tunnel away.

  • Although there are not many roads connected to the building, you can drive through the park to get onto the road to Rockford Hills.

  • Del Perro Freeway does not have an entrance that serves any nearby road, but you can access the freeway thanks to the broken barrier near the Apartment building, as shown below.

    Entering Del Perro Freeway from 4 Integrity Way

Del Perro Heights

  • Price: $200,000 to $468,000

Del Perro Heights on Dynasty\n8


  • The cheapest high-end Apartment
  • Has many business properties nearby
  • The Apartment closest to a Kosatka spawn point
  • Not very friendly for Heists

This is the most popular choice of Apartment location I have seen, probably because it offers the cheapest high-end Apartment in GTA Online and it is at a decent location. It alone has multiple important business properties nearby: Maze Bank West Office (which is also the cheapest Office), Del Perro Nightclub, Insert Coin Arcade, and Morningwood Cocaine Lockup. If you buy an Apartment in Del Perro Heights, you can expand your GTA Online business empire from here and get quick access to them.

For Cayo Perico Heist grinders, this is probably the most suitable high-end Apartment. Because it is the closest high-end Apartment to the ocean, it also has the shortest distance to a Kosatka spawn point, meaning that if you request your Kosatka outside your Apartment, Del Perro Heights allows you to reach your Kosatka in shortest time.

One caveat for this building is that it is not a good location for the original Heists. When a Heist begins, the team will exit the Apartment where the host started it, and their vehicles are parked to the side of nearby roads, as shown here. In front of Del Perro Height’s entrance is a small garden with stairs and barriers, so it will take time for your teammates to reach their cars. What makes things even worse is that players cannot find their vehicle from the radar immediately because it takes a few seconds for the radar to show up on their screen after the Mission starts. They can only identify their vehicle from its make, model, color, and any other external features. If the sky is dark in the game or two players happen to have the same vehicle in the same color, then this will be very annoying. I believe your teammates would appreciate it if you could start the Mission from another Apartment where their vehicles would be more accessible.

A significant number of Heist Missions require you to go to somewhere on the northeast side of the map, like Grand Senora Desert, Sandy Shores and Grapeseed. The fastest route to those places is via Los Santos Freeway, but to get onto that freeway from Del Perro Heights you have to drive across Los Santos, which takes significant extra time. In terms of distances, other Apartments near the center of the map are better for Heists than Del Perro Heights.

Del Perro Heights vicinity
Del Perro Heights is just across the street from the cheapest Office, Maze Bank West. It is also close to Insert Coin Arcade, Del Perro Nightclub, and a Kosatka spawn point.
Starting a Heist from Del Perro Heights
A Heist has just been started from Del Perro Heights. Two team members' vehicles are shown under the arrows. Vehicles of the other two team members are around the corner, to the left of field of view in the screenshot. To get to their personal vehicle, the team members have to either climb through the barriers or walk in curves and zigzags to use the stairs. If two team members happen to have vehicles that look very alike and they spawned at different sides of the corner, they have to guess which one is theirs and take a bet. If it is wrong, they must walk around to get to the other car, and this is probably not enjoyable at all.

Eclipse Towers

  • Price: $373,000 to $1,100,000

Eclipse Towers on Dynasty\n8


On average, Apartments in Eclipse Towers are more expensive than the ones in other buildings. Eclipse Towers also features the only three Custom Apartments in GTA Online. This is yet another popular Apartment choice among players.

Eclipse Towers is very close to the Eight-Bit Arcade. If you frequently do The Diamond Casino Heist, then the combination of Eclipse Towers and Eight-Bit Arcade is the best. The Master Control Terminal in any Arcade is also convenient for managing multiple businesses you own after your GTA Online business empire has been expanded.

The block for farming Sentinel XS is just down the road below Eclipse Towers. If you need to store any Sentinel XS in your Garage to wait for the car sale cooldown, and you own an Apartment in Eclipse Towers, you can drive it back to the vehicle storage within seconds.

In addition, Apartments in this building are the best choice for Setup Missions of The Pacific Standard Job. It was the Apartment location for Elite Challenge of the Finale as well, until Rockstar added a few Stilt Apartments that is better for the task later.

Eclipse Towers and Eight-Bit Arcade
  1. Eclipse Towers
  2. Eight-Bit Arcade

Eclipse Towers is only one block away from Eight-Bit Arcade.

Richards Majestic

  • Price: $241,000 to $484,000

Richards Majestic on Dynasty\n8

This building will be introduced together with Weazel Plaza because they are so close to each other…

Weazel Plaza

  • Price: $304,000 to $335,000

Weazel Plaza on Dynasty 8

Summary (the same for Richards Majestic):

  • Good sea view
  • Traffic is not very convenient

Richards Majestic and Weazel Plaza are in adjacent blocks so they will be discussed collectively. Similar to 4 Integrity Way, they are all close to Del Perro Freeway, and there is no freeway entrance near the Apartment buildings. However, the broken barrier near 4 Integrity Way “creates” an entrance, whereas for Richards Majestic and Weazel Plaza, I could not find any shortcut to get onto the freeway. You have to drive around a narrow and long block to reach an entrance.

I struggled to find any advantages of these two Apartment locations because other Apartments cheaper than those either have better road connections or are close to multiple business properties. At last, I must admit that I could not come up with any functional benefits and had to look for cosmetic stuff. Although Richards Majestic and Weazel Plaza are not closer to the Del Perro Beach than Del Perro Heights, they do offer their owners awesome sea view. Ironically, you cannot see the beach from Del Perro Heights at all because the building is not higher than the one on its west, so the sea view is blocked.

Richards Majestic and Weazel Plaza on the map
  1. Richards Majestic
  2. Weazel Plaza
  3. Del Perro Freeway and Western Highway
  4. Los Santos Freeway

There is no short and direct route to get onto Del Perro Freeway or Los Santos Freeway, two important freeways on the map.

Tinsel Towers

  • Price: $270,000 to $492,000

Tinsel Towers on Dynasty 8


  • Cheaper Eclipse Towers alternative
  • Good for Sentinel XS Farming
  • Fine for Heists

Tinsel Towers is not far away from Eclipse Towers. Should you love Eclipse Towers’ location but cannot afford the price, Tinsel Towers is a cheap and fair alternative. It is still close to the block for Sentinel XS farming. Its road connections are even a little bit better than Eclipse Towers since the street passing it connects to both Western Highway and Los Santos Freeway. This makes Tinsel Towers the optimal Apartment location for not only The Pacific Standard Job but also many other Heist Missions as well.

Tinsel Towers on the map
  1. Tinsel Towers
  2. Eclipse Towers
  3. Eight-Bit Arcade
  4. The block for Sentinel XS farming
  5. Route to Chumash, Fort Zancudo and Paleto Bay via Western Highway
  6. Route to Grand Senora Desert, Sandy Shroes and Grapeseed via Los Santos Freeway
  • Tinsel Towers is only two blocks down from Eclipse Towers.
  • It is still close to Eight-Bit Arcade, although you need to drive uphill for the distance of two blocks.
  • The propinquity of the Sentinel XS block makes Tinsel Towers the other good choice for farming that model of vehicle.
  • Although it requires driving across half of the city, you can get onto highways and freeways to Blaine County using simple routes which do not have lots of turns.

Stilt Apartments

  • Price: $449,000 to $800,000

A Stilt Apartment on Dynasty\n8


  • Alternative style of Apartment
  • Inconvenient traffic
  • Most are not suitable for Heists

The 10 Stilt Apartments in GTA Online are all located on Vinewood Hills. They are standalone stilt houses similar to the house Franklin gets from Lester in Story Mode.

If you have played Franklin after he moves to that house in Story Mode, you might feel that it is not easy to leave the area near the house without too much damage to Franklin’s vehicle, or even Franklin himself if he is on a motorcycle. The same thing could also apply to your GTA Online character should you choose to get one of those Stilt Apartments, so please keep that in mind before making the purchase.

Because the roads on Vinewood Hills are mostly zigzagged, it is hard to drive through them in high speed too. This makes most Stilt Apartments not suitable for Heists. There are two exceptions: 2044 and 2045 North Conker Avenue. These Apartments are the best starting points for The Pacific Standard Job Finale because they are the closest Apartments to the Pacific Standard Bank. If you are aiming to complete the Elite Challenge of the Finale, owning either of the two Apartments can help you complete the Mission in shorter time.