Properties Guide

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Most of the rewarding businesses and activities in GTA Online require a property. For the same type of property, the game offers it at different locations on the map with different price tags. The efficiency of your businesses heavily depends on where your properties are, so you must select their locations carefully.

The following series of articles contains some general tips on choosing the locations of your properties. We will not go into the details on which specific properties you should buy for each business yet, because I will talk about it later in the chapter for each business. The exceptions are Apartments, Offices, MC Clubhouses and Hangars, which will be covered in this chapter. The Apartment is important, as it is used not only for Heists but also as a spawn point, so its location affects both how quickly you can complete the Heist Missions and the time needed to travel to your other properties, and I think it should be covered first. For the other types of property being discussed here, you don’t need to know a lot of information to make a correct choice, thus I am also including them in this section.