Your First GTA$1.25M

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GTA Online has several one-time rewards that can be completed at any Rank, which are good ways for new players to get the money they need to begin their career. By doing all of them, you can earn GTA$1,250,000 in total, which is a good amount of money to help you get started.

Double-Action Revolver Challenge: $250,000

Double-Action Revolver

After you play in a session for a few minutes, you might receive an email from in the game, which tells you to find a treasure using the attached picture as a clue. This is the Treasure Hunt mission. After completing it, you can get the Double-Action Revolver, and once you have made 50 headshots using the revolver, you will receive a $250,000 bonus. You don’t have to target other players, as killing NPCs counts for the challenge.

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  • When you are doing the Treasure Hunt, do not leave the session until you have unlocked the Double-Action Revolver. Otherwise, you might need to start it over from the beginning.

  • The Treasure Hunt is easier to do with a helicopter. If you don’t own one, you can steal one from LSIA or Sandy Shores Airfield.

  • You can complete the headshots in a Mission where you will never get a Wanted Level, such as Pier Pressure, so your work will not be interrupted by the Cops.

Stone Hatchet Challenge: $250,000

Stone Hatchet

You might also receive another email from Maude, a Story Mode character who gave Trevor some bounties to capture. She’s offering similar things to you through the Bounty Target missions: you get five bounties to collect, and once you have completed all of them, she will give you a treasure’s location where you can find the Stone Hatchet. Use it to make 25 kills, and you will get $250,000. Similar to the Double-Action Revolver challenge, taking out players and NPCs both count towards the required number of kills.

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  • There’s also a small additional cash bonus for completing each bounty. If the target is captured and transported to Maude alive, you will get $10,000; it the target is killed, it still counts towards the five bounties, but you can only get $5,000. If you have time, you should consider capturing them alive for more money.

  • If you choose not to kill the bounty targets, be sure not to use powerful weapons or make fatal shots. You may shoot their legs and feet with the Pistol, use dull melee weapons, or possibly use your fists.

  • Your progress on the Bounty Target missions will be saved when you leave the game or switch to a new session, so you don’t have to complete all the five bounties in a row.

  • Like the Double-Action Revolver challenge, you can complete the required Stone Hatchet kills in a Mission where Wanted Levels are disabled.

Navy Revolver

Navy Revolver is the third weapon with an associated cash bonus. Unlike Treasure Hunt and Bounty Target, the mission for obtaining the Navy Revolver is hidden. You need to discover five different clues in the map, and kill the Los Santos Slasher who is waiting to take you out for knowing too many secrets, then get 50 kills with the unlocked Navy Revolver to receive the prize. Again, you can take out both players and NPCs for the challenge.

Note that the condition of completing the Navy Revolver challenge is lax: it just asks for 50 kills, unlike the Double-Action Revolver challenge, which requires 50 headshots.

Upon killing the Los Santos Slasher, you receive $50,000 immediately. The remaining $200,000 will be deposited after you get 50 kills.

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  • Like in the Double-Action Revolver challenge, finding clues is easier with a helicopter, and the kills could be done in a Mission with Wanted Levels disabled.

  • Your progress of clue discoveries should be saved when you leave the session.

  • The Los Santos Slasher is a tough guy, so prepare to kill him with a powerful weapon.

  • There was a bug in GTA Online before that prevented players from receiving the $200,000 reward after getting 50 kills. This issue should have been fixed; however, if it still occurs to you, please immediately take a screenshot showing the problem and contact Rockstar Support.

2-Step Verification Bonus: $500,000

2-Step Verification Bonus

Launched in March 2019, the Social Club 2-Step Verification Bonus gives $500,000 to anyone who enables this extra security measure for their Social Club account. As of now, there is no information about this bonus on Rockstar’s website, but as of June 2020, I heard that players could still claim this bonus.

The Rockstar Support website has an article about how to enable 2-Step Verification for your Social Club account.


  • After you set up 2-Step Verification, it might take a few days for the cash bonus to be deposited. Should you haven’t received the money for more than one week, please consider contacting Rockstar Support.

  • If you don’t like 2-Step Verification, you can disable it after receiving the reward.