Optional Weapons

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The weapons listed here are not as important as the essential weapons in the previous page, but they can still be useful in a few occasions.


  • Category: pistols and handguns
  • Unlocked by: reaching Rank 1
  • Price: $399,000

Up-n-Atomizer in Weapon Wheel

The Up-n-Atomizer is more like a toy as people usually just play with it for fun. It can produce blasts that bounce people or vehicles upon contact but are too weak to cause deaths or explosions.

Because of this characteristic, this gun can be very useful in Missions. If a Mission vehicle gets stuck in something and cannot be driven out, you can hit it with the Up-n-Atomizer so it will possibly be bounced against the obstacle and released. Because this gun is not powerful enough to blow up a car with a single hit, you usually don’t need to worry about destroying the Mission vehicle.

Using Up-n-Atomizer to save Mission\nvehicle

This weapon is disabled in vehicles, so you will not see it when you switch weapon in a car. It will share the same slot with other pistols in the Weapon Wheel, but because pistols are less commonly used than assault rifles, MGs, sniper rifles and shotguns in on-foot combat, it should not place new burden on your weapon switching experience.

The only drawback of this weapon is that it is expensive. Given that it is not very essential, you can just wait until you have enough pocket money to spend or it is on sale.

Proximity Mine

  • Category: throwables
  • Unlocked by: reaching Rank 1
  • Price: $1,000 each

Proximity Mine in Weapon Wheel

Proximity Mines are like advanced Sticky Bombs that explode automatically upon contact, so you can just throw them out and wait until some unlucky guy passes through them, without the need to monitor enemies and manually detonate. If you have deployed multiple Sticky Bombs, then they can only be detonated all at once; for Proximity Mines, however, each can be activated individually.

On the other hand, many weaponized vehicles offer a Proximity Mine upgrade, which can possibly replace the Proximity Mines in your inventory. Any vehicle with that upgrade applied can drop Proximity Mines on the road and has infinite capacity of them.

Grenade Launcher

  • Category: heavy weapons
  • Unlocked by: reaching Rank 60
  • Price: $32,400

Grenade Launcher in Weapon Wheel

Effective use of the Grenade Launcher requires an accurate estimate on in what path will the grenade you launch move, so some players might just prefer the RPG or Homing Launcher because the movement of rockets is more predictable. But after all, because grenades can bounce against surfaces, you might be able to take out enemies hiding behind the other side of the wall using this weapon when you are in-door or in small alleys.