Clubhouses Guide

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Clubhouses in GTA Online offer the ability to do the following things to their owner:

  1. Start a Motorcycle Club.

  2. Purchase factories for Motorcycle Club Businesses.

  3. Start Clubhouse Contracts, which are some Freemode activities that offer a small payout.

  4. Store up to 10 motorcycles.

For abilities 1 through 3:

  1. You can start an MC from the Interaction Menu everywhere on the map.

  2. Once you have purchased the MC Business factories in your Clubhouse, you manage each Business entirely from the laptop in the factory. The only purpose of the Clubhouse’s laptop is to let you buy those factories, so you need not come back to your Clubhouse to manage your Businesses.

  3. There are better Freemode activities which are easier and offer greater payouts than Clubhouse Contracts. Loosely speaking, those activities can be started from everywhere in the map, but the Clubhouse Contracts must be initiated from your Clubhouse.

Therefore, the location of Clubhouse matters only if you want to stash your motorcycles in it or you really like doing Clubhouse Contracts. In this case, just choose whatever Clubhouse that works for you, because they are all very cheap. Even the most expensive Clubhouse is priced at only $495,000.

Otherwise, you could buy the cheapest Clubhouse if you will not make frequent visit to it after purchasing the MC Businesses, because the location of a property you are not going to access physically is not important. The cheapest Clubhouse is the Great Chaparral Clubhouse, whose price is $200,000. If you have the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, then you can claim it for free.

Buy a Clubhouse

From your in-game phone, open “Internet”, and select “Money and Services” in the navigation bar. Then, click on to open up the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.

Opening Maze Bank Foreclosures\nwebsite

You will see multiple types of business properties available on Maze Bank Foreclosures. To view only Clubhouses, click on the “Clubhouses” option on the top-right corner.

Some Clubhouses on Maze Bank\nForeclosures