Learn to Protect Yourself

Updated: 1 minute to read

I often hear complaints from new players about being repeatedly killed by other players with high Ranks but not being able to revenge or turn their back on the fight. Of course, with weak weapons and possibly limited skills, it is hard to take out those adversary players. However, GTA Online does provide mechanisms that can prevent disturbance from other players. It is really unfortunate that the game does not have a clear instruction or tutorial on those mechanisms, so many new players are not aware of them.

I had been thinking that if I would make a GTA Online guide someday, I should cover the ways to protect oneself from other players’ attacks in the first lesson. There is nothing we can do to completely stop griefing, but at least we can change ourselves and learn how to avoid impacts of griefers. So here it goes: there are three different mechanisms to keep attacks from other players away, applicable to different situations:

  1. Passive Mode

  2. Non-Public Sessions

  3. Solo Public Sessions