Daily Objectives

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Daily Objectives are three tasks that change every day and give you $30,000 cash and 5,000 RP reward upon completion of all of them.

Basic Information

  • Daily Objectives are unlocked at Rank 15.

  • Daily Objectives refresh on 6:00 AM UTC every day.

Viewing Your Daily Objectives

In the Interaction Menu, choose “Objectives” to see your Daily Objectives for today.

Daily Objectives in the Interaction\nMenu

The first Objective in the list usually asks you to join a particular kind of Job. This Objective is the same for all players on each day, so if you do want to complete it, you should have less concern for not being able to find enough players for the Job.

Each of the remaining Objectives asks you to either complete an action or manage one of your owned businesses. For example, the second Objective shown in the screenshot above says “escape a 3 star Wanted Level”; some Objectives require you to complete a wheelie, open your parachute near the ground, or simply visit The Diamond Casino and Resort; other examples could be like “resupply your Bunker” and “sell Special Cargo”.

All of the Objectives shown in the list should be doable. For instance, you will see the Objective “resupply your Bunker” if and only if you do own a Bunker. If you don’t have one, you will not see that Objective.

Weekly and Monthly Rewards

If you complete all the three Daily Objectives for 7 consecutive days, you will receive $150,000 and 20,000 RP on the seventh day. If you can keep doing this for 30 consecutive days, then you will earn $750,000 and 50,000 RP on the last day! These are the challenges for hardcore players.

Those weekly/monthly rewards are given only once per week/month. This means if you have got the weekly rewards today, you are not going to get it again tomorrow; the next time you will get it is after another 7 days, given that you keep completing all Daily Objectives. The same thing applies to the monthly rewards.

Changing Daily Objectives

If you see the “You have new Daily Objectives” message and find an Objective that you don’t want to complete, you can disconnect your system from the Internet immediately, and don’t reconnect until the game detects that you are offline. After you reconnect, join GTA Online, and you should see the new Daily Objectives message again.

Keep in mind, because the first Objective in the Daily Objectives list is the same for all players, you cannot change it with this method. Only the second and the third Objective can be refreshed.