Offices Guide

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In GTA Online, there are four purchasable Office properties, each of which grants you the ability to register as a CEO and access to Special Cargo and Import/Export business.

Buy an Office

From your in-game phone, open “Internet”, and select “Money and Services” in the navigation bar. Then, click on to open up the Dynasty 8 Executive website, from which you can purchase an Office.

Opening Dynasty 8 Executive\nwebsite

Office Locations

The four Offices are all located in Del Perro and Pillbox Hill.

Office Locations

Office Price Location
Entry-level Offices
Maze Bank West $1,000,000 (Free with Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack) Del Perro
Arcadius Business Center $2,250,000 Pillbox Hill
Luxurious Offices
Lombank West $3,100,000 Del Perro
Maze Bank Tower $4,000,000 Pillbox Hill

Based on their price level, I would divide the four Offices into two classes: entry-level and luxurious ones. All Offices offer the same functionality, and the only differences between Offices in those two classes are cosmetic things and price tag.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on an Office, then you should buy one of the entry-level Offices to minimize the cost to start new businesses. After you have got enough money, it is never too late to move to a luxurious Office to enjoy the beautiful view of Del Perro Beach while lying in your office chair. Therefore, in this discussion about Offices, I will focus on those two entry-level Offices.


The Arcadius Business Center Office is located in Pillbox Hill, which is a better location than Del Perro, where the Maze Bank Office locates, due to its proximity to the center of the map. On the other hand, Maze Bank West is the cheapest Office, and it is even free if you have got the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

Unless you have enough money to purchase the Arcadius Business Center Office, it is perfectly fine to go for Maze Bank West in order to save more than one million of GTA$. After all, Maze Bank West is close to Del Perro Freeway, so except potentially increased travel time, it is still accessible.

In addition, the Office itself cannot give you any income, and to make money from it you need to purchase a Special Cargo Warehouse or Vehicle Warehouse, which will cost additional money. You should add the price of any warehouses you want to buy to your budget for the Office before making the purchase.

Properties Total Price
Maze Bank West Office and La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse $2,500,000 ($1,500,000 with Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack)
Arcadius Business Center Office $2,250,000

This table shows that if you have got GTA$2.5M and decide to go with Arcadius Business Center, then you will have no money for anything else. With about the same amount of money you can get the Maze Bank West Office plus a Vehicle Warehouse, and you can start collecting income from Import/Export. Remember, the Office alone generates no profit at all.

Case Study: Buying the Office Near Your Apartment

I have seen someone asking about which Office he should purchase given that he had already owned the 4 Integrity Way Apartment. The person was looking for an Office that is close to his Apartment so he could get to the Office quickly after joining a session.

He was considering Arcadius Business Center because he had just enough money for it, and it is just across the street from 4 Integrity Way, as introduced in the “Apartment Locations” page. However, I still recommended Maze Bank West to him because if he would buy Arcadius Business Center Office, there would be no additional funding for any warehouse, and the Office alone would be useless. Despite the warning, he still strongly preferred the Office near his Apartment.

Some people love to have their Office close to their Apartment. If you also have such a preference and will be broke after buying Arcadius Business Center, then you should consider purchasing Del Perro Heights Apartment plus Maze Bank West Office instead. Those properties are also very close to each other, and they are way more cheaper than Arcadius Business Center Office alone:

Properties Total Price
Maze Bank West Office and Del Perro Heights, Apt 7 $1,200,000 ($200,000 with Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack)
Arcadius Business Center Office $2,250,000

Don’t want to give up the 4 Integrity Way Apartment? Sure, you can keep that Apartment because you may own up to 8 Apartments at once in GTA Online.

TL;DR: If you prefer Arcadius Business Center because of its propinquity to your Apartment, but you don’t have a lot of money, then you should buy Maze Bank West Office plus an Apartment in Del Perro Heights instead.

Importance of Office Location

The Office is the place where you will start import missions of both Special Cargo and Vehicle Cargo. You will source cargo from the computer in your Office, get the cargo, and deliver it to the warehouse.

When you sell the cargo, you will initiate the sell mission from the warehouse where the cargo is, instead of your Office. Therefore, the location of your Office does not affect the sell missions.

After you own the Terrorbyte, the location of your Office will no longer matter at all because you can start source missions from the touch-screen computer in Terrorbyte’s Nerve Center, and since you can drive your Terrorbyte to anywhere, the source missions can also be initiated anywhere.

After you get the Master Control Terminal in an Arcade, you can also start all source missions from your Arcade.

The conclusion is that your Office’s location only affects the import missions of CEO businesses, and its importance is no longer relevant once you have got the Terrorbyte or the Master Control Terminal. Thus, don’t worry too much about not selecting the best Office location on the first purchase.


  • For beginners, it is strongly advised to purchase the cheapest Maze Bank West Office. Although its location is not the best, it will still be worth every penny you pay for it.

  • Buy the Arcadius Business Center Office judiciously. Keep in mind that you must buy at least one warehouse in addition to the Office to make profit from the CEO businesses, so be prepared to pay more than the price you see at the first glance.

  • If you feel compelled to buy the Arcadius Business Center Office only because it is close to 4 Integrity Way and you own that Apartment, then consider the combination of Maze Bank West and Del Perro Heights Apartment, which is cheaper and still offers a very short home-to-office distance. GTA Online allows you to own more than one Apartment.

  • The other two more expensive Offices are not suitable for beginners. Use a cheaper Office first, and switch to a luxurious one after you are rich if you still want it.

  • Other properties, like Terrorbyte and Master Control Terminal in Arcades, decrease the importance of a good Office location.