GTA Online Weekly Events

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Every week, Rockstar creates an event where rewards for some activities are increased, and in-game items, like vehicles and business properties, are discounted.


As of now, new weekly events come into effect on about 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM UTC every Thursday. When a new event is active, the previous event ends immediately.

For this reason, you will often hear existing players who have played GTA Online for a while telling you that “on Wednesdays, you should not buy anything not on sale or sell from your businesses without any bonus”. If you can wait for only one more day, it is possible to save some money thanks to a new discount, or earn more money from increased rewards.

What is more, you should wrap up anything you want to do that will make the most of the current event on Wednesdays. Buy any on-sale items in your wishlist; sell any product that has a bonus; complete any Heists or Missions while they still offer increased payout. On the next day, the prices will go back to their normal, and the payouts will return to the regular values.

Viewing the Current Event

Rockstar does not release the details about the new event immediately when it is online. Instead, the event’s information is published on approximately 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM UTC every Thursday.

The place where the events are most prominently posted is Rockstar Games Social Club. You can find the list of current and past events in Keep in mind that events for Red Dead Online are also shown at the same place; look for events labeled with “Grand Theft Auto Online”.

Alternatively, you may go to Rockstar Games Newswire for a cooler presentation of the current event.

Thanks to Tsuikyit, a member of the GTA Online Subreddit, you can also find an unofficial summary of the new event before Rockstar’s announcement. The summary is pinned in the GTA Online Subreddit, so you should be able to find it easily.


Almost every week, Rockstar will give doubled or tripled GTA$ and RP rewards on one type of races or Adversary mode. Examples include Stunt Races, Open Wheel Races, Arena War Series, Bunker Series, etc. These game modes are not giving a lot of rewards to the participants; for new players, however, taking part in the game mode with active Double or Triple Rewards is a great way to earn some pocket money. By completing a 2x GTA$ and RP race, you can usually get about $10,000 to $20,000.

In addition, Rockstar usually offers another reward for Missions, Jobs, or even business activities. The common type of bonus is doubled GTA$ and RP rewards for Contact Missions and Freemode activities. The rarer but also better bonus is increased payout of business sell missions. Such type of bonus occurs about only once per month on average, but it is lucrative since it allows you to earn millions of GTA$ in a week. If you need money, you should definitely keep an eye on any bonus for sell missions of a business you own.


Below are some best activities for players who usually play alone. They are manageable with only one player, so if you are a lone wolf, make sure to exploit any events for the following:

If you have buddies, then you can also participate in events for the following activities:

Some other activities might not pay as much as the ones above, but depending on your circumstances, they might also be worth doing when there is a Double Rewards event targeting them:


Cars, motorcycles, planes, helicopters and even boats are often seen on the list of discounted items in a weekly event.

Occasionally, Rockstar puts a certain kind of business properties on sale, usually when there is also a bonus on sell missions of that business. This is the perfect time to start a business you do not own yet and use it to generate massive income immediately.