Not Recommended Weapons

Updated: 3 minutes to read

There are a lot of weapons that I would not recommend, like all SMGs and MGs except the Combat MG, and all assault rifles excluding the Special Carbine. However, for a few particular weapons, I wish to emphasize the reason why they should not be purchased at all, because they might be weapons that people feel compelled to buy.

Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is like a downgraded version of Heavy Sniper with lower fire rate and smaller damage per shot, but players still have reasons to buy it: it is unlocked at Rank 21, earlier than Rank 90 required by the Heavy Sniper, and a suppressor can be attached to it, whereas the Heavy Sniper does not have such accessory at all.

Don’t buy it merely for these reasons; they are not compelling enough to suggest the necessity of this weapon.

First, as mentioned in the previous page, you can buy certain weapons from any Weapon Workshop you own, which allows you to get a weapon before reaching the Rank required to unlock it. The only thing you need for a Weapon Workshop is money, so you do have the potential to unlock Heavy Sniper before Rank 90.

Next, you can upgrade Heavy Sniper to its Mk II variant and install a suppressor on it, so you still have a gun with a scope that has zooming functionality, which can used for long-range stealth kills. Even if you don’t have enough money for a Weapon Workshop, there’s no need to worry at all. In Missions where you need to do stealth kills, like The Humane Labs Raid’s Deliver EMP Setup Mission, a Sniper Rifle with suppressor will be temporarily added to your inventory for free, so you don’t even need to buy it prior to the Mission in order to use it.

The Sniper Rifle is probably the worst weapon among all the three sniper rifles that share the same slot in the Weapon Wheel. Marksman Rifle’s scope has no zooming functionality, but its higher fire rate, which is the thing that makes this weapon stands out, makes up for this. The Heavy Sniper, after being upgraded to the Mk II variant, can be equipped with a suppressor, and it deals a lot of damage and delivers a better fire rate. Despite these factors, the Sniper Rifle is the first weapon in the slot, so again, the default weapon for that slot is the worst one. This should be another reason not to buy this weapon.

Compact Grenade Launcher

The Compact Grenade Launcher can be used on motorcycles and is unlocked at Rank 1, which might encourage players to buy it instead of the normal full-size Grenade Launcher. Despite the similarity between those names, these weapons have fundamental differences.

The full-size Grenade Launcher is a semi-automatic weapon where multiple grenades can be launched until you let go the trigger, whereas the Compact Grenade Launcher can only load one grenade at a time and requires reload time between launches. This means you can create bigger explosions with the Grenade Launcher. The grenades ejected from the Grenade Launcher also cause greater damage than the grenades in the Compact Grenade Launcher.

The ability to use the Compact Grenade Launcher on motorcycles is great, until it isn’t. It is hard to estimate the trajectory path of launched grenades when you are driving a motorcycle, and you might accidentally blow yourself up if things go wrong. A better alternative of explosive weapons on motorcycle would be Sticky Bombs because you can control their detonation and thus avoid harming yourself.