Passive Mode

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By enabling Passive Mode, you can prevent contacts and most attacks from other players. While you are in Passive Mode, you will appear as a ghost to other players. Your model, and the model of any vehicle you drive when the Passive Mode is active, are transparent to other players, so they can’t hit you directly with a vehicle or attack you with a gun.

Figure image
How a player on foot with Passive Mode enabled looks to other players
Figure image
How a player in vehicle with Passive Mode enabled looks to other players


  • As described above, you cannot be hit or killed by other players directly.

  • All other players, and any vehicles they drive, will also appear as ghosts to you, even if they are also in Passive Mode.

  • Passive Mode only affects how you appear to other players and how other players appear to you; when you are in Passive Mode, NPCs still look as usual, and hostile NPCs can attack you.

  • You will not be set on a Bounty by NPCs or other players.


  • You cannot use any weapons or even melee against any other players or NPCs. If you are being attacked by NPCs, e.g. enemies in Gang Attacks or the Cops, you cannot defend yourself using weapons.

  • You cannot set Bounties, call Muggers, or call Mercenaries on other players while Passive Mode is active.

  • Other players can still kill you indirectly. For instance, they can jump off a car coming towards you before it hits you, and you can still be killed by a collision. They can also blow up a vehicle near you, which might cause your vehicle to explode too. However, such situations should be rare.

  • Passive Mode and SecuroServ/MCs are mutually exclusive. If you are currently in an Organization or an MC, you cannot enable Passive Mode. If Passive Mode is enabled, you cannot start or join an Organization or an MC unless you disable it.

  • Passive Mode and most weaponized vehicles are mutually exclusive. If you are the driver or even a passenger of a weaponized vehicle, you cannot enable Passive Mode. If Passive Mode is enabled when you get in a weaponized vehicle, it will be deactivated automatically.

    • Thruster, the jetpack, is the only weaponized vehicle I know that will not force Passive Mode to be disabled. When you use the vehicle in Passive Mode, you cannot use any weapons equipped, but Passive Mode will not be disabled.

    • Note that certain vehicles that do not have a conventional weapon like machine gun and missiles are treated as weaponized by the game, such as the Fire Truck.

  • You cannot participate in Freemode Events and Business Battles in Passive Mode.

  • You want to explore freely in a session containing other players without being attacked by them.

  • You want to steal NPCs’ cars without getting a Bounty set on your head.

  • You have just returned to a Public Session from a Heist Mission completed with strangers, and you want to avoid fighting with them.


In the Interaction Menu, navigate to the last item, which should be “Enable Passive Mode”, and select it.

“Enable Passive Mode” option in Interaction\nMenu

After enabling Passive Mode, the option changes to “Disable Passive Mode”, which can be used to disable it.