Reach Rank 12

You have got some cash to start your GTA Online career, but your Rank might still be very low. In GTA Online, you need higher Ranks to unlock more weapons, vehicle modifications, abilities, Missions, and other miscellaneous activities. This article gives an overview on how to rank up in the early stage of the game. More specifically, this article covers ways to get RP quickly before you reach Rank 12.

Why Rank 12

Rank 12 is a very important Rank in GTA Online because it unlocks Heists. First of all, Heists give a lot of RP upon completion, so once you have access to Heists, you can rank up quickly. Next, when you complete the Fleeca Job, the first Heist in the series, you unlock the Trade Price of the armored variant of Karin Kuruma, a very important vehicle in GTA Online. It is bulletproof, which makes it your best friend in many Missions.

Ways to Rank Up

At lower Ranks, because you haven’t unlocked many rewarding Missions that give lots of RP, you can only use some primitive ways to get more RP. Fortunately, you only need 33,400 RP to get to Rank 12.

Double Rewards Events on Races or Special Game Modes

Every week, Rockstar will offer double (or sometimes, even triple) RP and cash rewards for a specific game mode, such as Stunt Race, Transform Race, Bunker Series, etc. These are just some entertaining Jobs in which you don’t need to worry about harsh and tough NPC enemies and can also earn reasonable amount of RP during Double Rewards.

When you need some RP to rank up, you can find out which game modes have active Double Rewards on Social Club, and participate. Usually it would be a kind of Race, so you may try some Race Jobs, find the ones that are quick or fun to do, and keep playing them until you have got enough RP you need.

Contact Missions

Before Rank 12, you can access some Contact Missions offered by Simeon Yetarian, Gerald, and Martin Madrazo. On average, each Mission can give you 1000-3000 RP.

I deliberately ignored Lamar Missions because I believe they are not suitable for beginners. First, none of them can be played solo, and they require players to collaborate well. If you are unfamiliar with those Missions, and you can’t communicate with your teammates using voice, then you might need to spend a lot of time passing them. Second, many of them requires four players, whereas other Contact Missions can all be done by one or two players. The more teammates who are strangers, the greater the chance to fail the Mission. Larger number of players might also mean longer waiting time to gather enough teammates before starting the Mission.

List of Missions

Mission Unlocked at Rank
Classic Contact Missions
Added in 2013-2014
Ballas to the Wall 5
Chasers 5
It Takes a Thief 5
Rich Men in Richman 5
Rockford Roll 5
Where Credit’s Due 5
Pier Pressure 6
Death Metal 6
Deal Breaker 6
Flood in the LS River 6
Meth’d Up 7
No Hay Bronca 8
All in the Game 10
El Burro Heists 10
Gentry Does It 10
Dispatch Missions
Added in 2018
Dispatch I 1
Dispatch II 1
Dispatch III 1
Dispatch IV 1
Dispatch V 1
Dispatch VI 1
Premium Deluxe Repo Work
Added in 2019
Repo - Blow Up IV 1
Repo - Burn Rate 1
Repo - Do You Even Lift? 1
Repo - GTA Today II 1
Repo - RV Nearly There? 1
Repo - Sasquashed 1
Repo - Simeonomics 1
Repo - Under the Hammer 1
Gerald’s Last Play
Added in 2020
Last Play - Bad Companies 1
Last Play - Deal With It 1
Last Play - End Product 1
Last Play - Fast Peddling 1
Last Play - Go Figure 1
Last Play - Make Ends Meat 1

Comparison Between Mission Categories

Category Typical RP Reward (for Hard Difficulty Setting) Required Players Mission Difficulty for Beginners
Classic Contact Missions 1000-2000 1 Easy to medium
Dispatch Missions 2000-3000 2 Medium
Premium Deluxe Repo Work 3000-4000 1 Medium to hard
Gerald’s Last Play 2500-3500 1 Hard

The earliest Contact Missions do not give a lot of RP rewards, but they are very easy to complete. You may choose to repeat doing some of those missions for many times if you just want something simple.

Martin Madrazo’s Dispatch Missions offer more RP, but they are harder than those classic Contact Missions, especially if you don’t own any of armored Kuruma, Buzzard, Deluxo, or Oppressor Mk II. They also require at least two players, so you can’t do them solo and must either join a Job another player hosts or start the Mission by yourself and wait until someone joins. However, if you happen to get a teammate who uses any of the vehicles mentioned above, then these Missions become much more easier, so this could be a plus.

The Repo Missions given by Simeon Yetarian have varying difficulties, but some of them should still be manageable by new players. They can be completed solo and offer more RP than Dispatch Missions. You can choose to do some easy Jobs among them, such as Simeonomics, and grind more RP than what a classic Contact Mission has to offer.

The Gerald’s Last Play Missions are easy if you have an armored Kuruma and hard if you don’t. Since you can purchase armored Kuruma at a lower price after Rank 12 and there are many other Contact Missions you can do, I won’t suggest buying that car just for these Missions. So, perhaps consider ignoring them temporarily until you get an armored Kuruma.


The recommended equipment for these Missions is Special Carbine with Suppressor. They are unlocked at Rank 1, meaning that you can buy them directly. Special Carbine is an assault rifle with good performance; the suppressor is useful in Missions that require stealth kills, like some Dispatch Missions. They cost $27,250 in total.

Special Carbine in Ammu-Nation

Special Carbine with

Special Carbine in the Weapon


  • When you are starting a Mission, make sure you choose Hard Difficulty. This gives you more RP and cash rewards and is not significantly harder than Normal Difficulty.

    Selecting Hard Difficulty

  • If you are hosting a Dispatch Mission, you need another player to start the Job. To find a player more quickly, you can do the following in the “Invite” screen:

    • Change “Matchmaking” to “Open”
    • Choose “Auto-Invite”
    • If you are in a highly populated session, you can choose “All From Current Session”
    • Choose “Skill Matched Players > All Skill Matched Players”

    The "Invite" screen


GTA Series Videos has a lot of video guides covering those Contact Missions: