Reach Rank 12

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You have got some cash to start your GTA Online career, but your Rank might still be very low. In GTA Online, you need higher Ranks to unlock more weapons, vehicle modifications, abilities, Missions, and other miscellaneous activities. This article gives an overview on how to rank up in the early stage of the game. More specifically, this article covers ways to get RP quickly before you reach Rank 12.

Why Rank 12

Rank 12 is a very important Rank in GTA Online because it unlocks Heists. First of all, Heists give a lot of RP upon completion, so once you have access to Heists, you can rank up quickly. Next, when you complete the Fleeca Job, the first Heist in the series, you unlock the Trade Price of the armored variant of Karin Kuruma, a very important vehicle in GTA Online. It is bulletproof, which makes it your best friend in many Missions.

Ways to Rank Up

At lower Ranks, because you haven’t unlocked many rewarding Missions that give lots of RP, you can only use some primitive ways to get more RP. Fortunately, you only need 33,400 RP to get to Rank 12.


All collectibles in GTA Online

In GTA Online, there are lots of collectible items on the map, and each item successfully collected gives you 1000-2000 RP. This means to reach Rank 12, you just need to obtain at most 34 collectible items, which is not hard as long as you have a vehicle.

There are multiple types of collectibles as shown in the screenshot above, but Action Figures and Playing Cards are the easiest to collect. The number of items to collect might look overwhelming, but you do not have to collect all of them at once. As presented in the table below, only 17 Playing Cards are required to reach Rank 12.

Although a doubled amount of Action Figures is needed for Rank 12, each Action Figure collected gives you $1000 additionally, so you can earn 34,000 RP plus $34,000 by collecting 34 Action Figures. For Playing Cards, however, the reward besides RP is only some Chips with lower monetary value that can only be used in The Diamond Casino and Resort. In other words, you may choose to either rank up more quickly by collecting less Playing Cards, or earn some money in addition to the same amount of RP by collecting more Action Figures. This is completely up to you.

Collectible Type RP Per Item Number of Items to Collect for Rank 12 Extra Earnings Guides
Action Figures 1000 34 $34,000 Video, Webpage
Playing Cards 2000 17 $5,600 (as Chips) Video, Webpage

No matter which type of collectibles you choose, it is wise to collect them systematically. Follow a guide for the chosen collectible type, like one of the guides linked in the table, and get the items in strictly the same order as the guide, so when you want to complete the collection in the future, you know the place where the work should resume, as long as you still use the same guide.

Double Rewards Events on Races or Special Game Modes

A Job with active Double Rewards

Every week, Rockstar will offer double (or sometimes, even triple) RP and cash rewards for a specific game mode, such as Stunt Race, Transform Race, Bunker Series, etc. These are just some entertaining Jobs in which you don’t need to worry about harsh and tough NPC enemies and can also earn reasonable amount of RP during Double Rewards, although some of them involve PvP activities.

When you need some RP to rank up, you can find out which game modes have active Double Rewards on Social Club, and participate. Usually it would be a kind of Race, so you may try some Race Jobs, find the ones that are quick or fun to do, and keep playing them until you have got enough RP you need.

If you are in game, look for the 2 x RP and 2 x $ icons shown in the Job details page, as shown in the screenshot above.